Eat Healthy for Two days

Below is a recommended menu if you are starting off a healthy eating regime.

Calories would be no more than 1400 in a day.
Compliment a lower intake of food, with increased activities.


7am –      Lemon Water (Warm – mildly hot)
Glass of water with the juice of one lemon.

8am –      1 small bowl of Oats with honey.
1 Cup Herbal Tea – lemon grass

11am –     Green Tea. 1 Orange and 7 Almonds

1pm –       Lunch Red Bean Soup, One slice Sour Dough Bread, Salad

4pm –       Green Tea. Natural Yoghurt with Flaxseed & Berries,

6.30pm – Jerk Chicken & Avocado Salad with Boiled Sweet Potatoes. Dessert – Mango

9pm         Snack – Roasted Peanuts or Raw nuts with Raisins or Goji Berries.
1 glass Green Smoothie

10pm –    Cerassie Tea (which cleanses the body while you sleep)


7am –      300 ml Coconut Water

8am –      1 slice bread with peanut butter
1 Cup Herbal Tea – lemon grass

11am –     Green Tea. Pineapple slices and 7 Almonds

1pm –       Lunch – Chicken Soup; Cheese & Salad Sandwich

4pm –       Green Tea. 1 Banana

6.30pm – Steamed Fish with Mashed Potatoes and Boiled Plantain
Dessert – Rasberry & Guava Sorbet
Green Smoothie

9pm        Vegetable sticks with curry and garlic light mayo dip.
Glass of Coconut Water

10pm –    Cerassie Tea