Caribbean Cooked Meals £3.50

jerkmeal.jpg currychicken_rice


Chicken Curry with Rice & Peas

Mutton Curry and Potatoes with Rice & Peas

Jerk Chicken Wings with Rice & Peas

Seasoned Saltfish with Plain Rice

Steamed Fish with Plain Rice

Vegetable Curry with Plain Rice

Seasoned Callaloo with Rice & Peas

Rice  can be replaced by:

 Salad  OR 2  Fried Dumplings


Filling Caribbean Soups £1.95 or £3.50 (large)

chickensoup redbeansoup

Chicken Soup
(contains Vegetables, Noodles, Dumplings and Chicken)

Red Bean Soup
( contains Sweet Potato and Potatoes. No Meat and no Wheat)

Vegetable Soup
(contains Caribbean Vegetables and  Boiled Dumplings)


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