Caribbean Classics can provide a job lot, of one or more products.  We are experienced in providing products for Third party Caterers, Cafes, Shops and  Supermarkets.  So if you want 1000 Saltfish Fritters, 50 spicy Patties  Or 500 bottles of rum punch, call to discuss.  We can also work on location.

There will be occasions when you want food delivered for later consumption.  Caribbean Classics Cuisine organise any food project for you.  Food can be delivered chilled, or frozen.

Just send in your request, and we will provide a quote.  Or telephone us for urgent attention.  Use our menu, to choose items you require.

Do you have a kitchen that needs management, short term, or long term? Talk to us.

Do you need a Consultant Chef, to work with your chef or catering team?  Talk to us.

Do you need help planning a menu, which is inclusive, and healthy?  Talk to us.

Do you have a recipe which you would like to sell to the public via supermarkets or shops? Talk to us.

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